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Register your premium Short Code SMS keyword on India’s most popular mobile shortcode - Rediff’s 57333 in Just Rs.4999/- Yearly


Call at 9891010303 / 9891210303 For any Query


Benefits of Rediff Mobile Keywords:


Low cost of ownership: No capital expenditure in setting up your own infrastructure to manage a shortcode. maintains the infrastructure required to operate the shortcode. Also, you are not charged for the SMS sent by users to your keyword.


Scales easily: On-demand hosted service allows you to scale up to as many keywords as required by you.


Operator agnostic: Rediff has tied-up with most of the mobile operators in India.


Unlimited Sub-keywords: When you buy a keyword, you can use unlimited sub-keywords at no extra cost. The response message sent to the customer can also be customized as per the sub-keyword using the URL call feature.


Example:If you buy a keyword like ‘holidays’, your users can send messages like ‘holidays bookings’ or ‘holidays information’. In this case, ‘bookings’ and ‘information’ are sub-keywords for ‘holidays’. There is no additional charge for sub-keywords.


Easy setup and Web based Control Panel: Add your keywords, set a response message and view a report of mobile numbers that have sent you an SMS – All this can be done from the online control panel provided by Rediff.


Reports: For each keyword, you get a report of all the mobile numbers (along their region of origin) that have sent an SMS with the keyword. You can then use this report to call back your prospective customers.


URL call: Integrate the Mobile keywords service with your own web-based application. Rediff will call the URL of your web application by appending sender’s mobile number, keyword (along with sub-keywords) as parameters. You can either set the response message based on the parameter values sent to you OR store these values in your web application OR trigger an event in your web application.